Electricity, my neighbours and me

SunSud after 1 full year of energy sharing

We promised you SunSud data. Here they are! And they're looking good ! 😎 Not in the least thanks to the commitment of the tenants who have worked their way through the nitty gritty of solar energy sharing in a social housing block.

They've been the first in Brussels. We know now what is possible to achieve as a small citizen player in the energy market.
Up to you now to create more of these projects !
We'll share tools soon.

Project details :
We are pleased that the work done with the social tenants, who are leading this project, has been successful.

  • The SunSud Tenants' Committee has opted for the allocation of solar electricity with priority given to the communal meters (elevators, ventilation, lights). This has resulted in a saving of 4,000 euros on charges in 2022, i.e. a saving of 40 euros per tenant, even for those who are not (yet) participating in the sharing.
  • Participants in the sharing scheme have seen a saving of between 23 and 310 euros, or an average of 15% on their personal electricity bill. (The variation is explained by the time of registration and by the alignment of consumption with solar production)

The collaborative work was initially often seen as a "diversion". But the collective approach has helped to increase local use of cheap green production and thus achieve these fine figures:

  • Social tenants are often approached with unsuitable energy contracts. They have learned to refuse such offers. It was only by talking to their neighbours that they were able to overcome their mistrust and understand the purpose of the sharing project;
  • When you are a member of the sharing scheme, to really benefit from the cheap energy, you have to adapt your uses and start your machines when the sun is shining (and not at night, as was the case with the bi-hourly meter). Workshops organised by the tenants (with the support of Fédération des Services Sociaux (FdSS)) have made it easier to achieve this learning.

City Mine(d) is proud to have been a mentor and driver behind this group of committed tenants. We were able to make this pilot project a great success, both socially and economically, as well as environmentally.

We hope that SunSud will be able to make the energy transition in Brussels a success for ALL the inhabitants of Brussels (30% of whom are poor).

Thanks for the great partnership to Foyer du Sud, Energie Commune, City Mine(d), Bruxelles Environnement Leefmilieu Brussel

Thanks for your presence and support during our anniversary: Regional Minister A. Maron, responsible for Climate Transition, Environment, Energy,
Secretary of State N. Ben Hamou, in charge of Housing and Equal Opportunities,
Municipal Mayor Jean Spinette,
Alderman for Energy Jos Raymenants,
Brugel, the Brussels energy market regulator,
Sibelga, the electricity distribution system operator in the Brussels region.



Electricity, my neighbours and me