Electricity, my neighbours and me

Debate La Pile @ BOZAR

12.05.2019 - 17:00

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What can we do to avoid our electricity coming from unnecessarily far away? This is a question pondered by residents of Brussels' Midi Neighbourhood, among the country's most densely populated and most built-up neighbourhoods in the country. We can produce our own electricity, be more economical with what we use, and share what we don't need. But how to start? What are the opportunities and dangers of a local power circuit? And where to get the energy ?

These are questions that make even the bravest among residents hesitate. Fortunately, they don't start from nowhere. Experimentation is happening in our country, and quite a bit of knowledge, lived experience and policy has already been developed about taking electricity in our own hands.

Four of these experts, experience experts and policymakers will meet in Bozar on 12 May. Leen Govaerts (Vito/Energyville), Dirk Vansintjan (Ecopower and Recoop) and Joël Solé (Bruxelles Environnement), under the accommodating leadership of John Vandaele (Mo* and EnerGent), will present their views on the present and future of citizen power in an urban context. It promises to be about solar panels and wind turbines, about storinf and sharing, and about how we can only do better than we have done so far. In short, a must for anyone who sometimes wonders what happens behind the socket?

Electricity, my neighbours and me