Electricity, my neighbours and me

Playing La Pile ?


The aim of the board game is to produce AT THE LOCAL LEVEL as much as possible of the electricity the neighbourhood needs. In doing so, players will take into account the FINANCIAL cost of their measures, the ENVIRONMENTAL impact, and with the TIME they spend on it as a neighbourhood.

In order to maximize the share of local power, players can Encourage ENERGY SAVING measures in large buildings; and INVEST in sun, wind, water or muscle power.

The game La Pile is a cooperative game. This means that the 8 players must work together around the table to achieve their goals. Winner of the game is the table with the highest score. A dazzling trophy awaits them.

There are four actors at the table (represented by 2 persons who do not necessarily play that role in real life, rather a get-into-the-skin).

  1. LOCAL RESIDENTS, who strive to keep as much NEIGHBOURHOOD TIME in play as possible.
  2. CIVIL SOCIETY, who want as many ENVIRONMENT points in the game as possible
  3. LOCAL GOVERNMENT, which aims to produce as much electricity as possible locally
  4. the BANK, who at the end wants as much money as possible in the game (and not in the bank)

The game consists of two rounds of forty five minutes each. The game board is a detailed map of the neighborhood, and the person in charge of a gaming table is a croupier.

In addition to fun, the game also offers us the opportunity to find the best combination of saving and investing, thus inspiring, informing and motivating future initiatives in the neighborhood.

The game La Pile will take place in BOZAR on 12 May 2019 and is based on the Brussels South Quarter. You can register on sofie@citymined.org, but you can also get convinced at the last minute. You can even come alone, tables are put together at the reception.

Would you like to organise a Game La Pile yourself? Feel free to contact us.

The exploration game La Pile is Monopoly meets SimCity with a pinch of Settlers of Catan. Teams of 8 players compete against each other in search for the best way to power up a neighbourhood. The game is based on energy issues we will actually be confronted with, so winning is more important than participating.

Electricity, my neighbours and me